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What To Expect

Whether you are new to massage or new to my clinic, not knowing what to expect can be an anxious experience. Here is some helpful information to make you feel more at ease.

Upon arrival, new patients will be asked to fill out a patient information form. This information is used to assess what treatment will be best suited to you. Please advise Karen if there are any medical conditions that need to be taken into consideration prior to your massage as well as any allergies to oils and essential oils.

Karen will leave the room, giving you privacy while you get undressed, and will re- enter the room when you are ready. A towel is provided for you to drape over yourself as you will be asked to lay face down on the massage table. To create a more relaxing ambience, the lighting will be dimmed and relaxation music, to calm the mind and body, will be played softly in the background. Aromatic oils, creams and balms will be used for your massage experience.

What to expect after your massage

Karen will advise you when the session is completed, she will then leave the room, giving you time and privacy to dress. A hot towel will also be provided so you can wipe off any excess oil so you can return to work. She will ask for feedback on how you feel as this will enable both patient and therapist to achieve the best possible outcome for future sessions. Some home exercises may be suggested and you will be advised if a follow up appointment is necessary. It is also recommended you drink plenty of water after your massage treatment to allow any toxins to pass through the lymphatic system and assist the cleansing process.