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Benefits of Pre-Event Massage for Athletes

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Benefits of Pre-Event Massage for Athletes


Getting ready for high performance in any athletic event requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Hours of training generally go into preparing your body for the event. However, muscle strain, sprains, and mental and physical fatigue could seriously impact on how successful you’ll be in the upcoming event.


Common Training Injuries


Any time you move your body, there is always at least a small chance of injury. A good number of injuries occur right in the home, so when you add a vigorous training schedule, you could be setting yourself up for trouble. While most injuries will not be serious, they could still have a negative impact on your match.


  • Muscle strains occur when the muscles are pulled or twisted too much, resulting in a tear. The severity of the strain will depend upon the degree of tearing. Muscle strains cause swelling, bruising, and pain even when you’re at rest.
  • Sprains occur when the ligaments connecting bones have been damaged. Like strains, these injuries cause swelling, bruising, and pain. Athletes will be more apt to experience them in the elbows, knees, or ankles.
  • Overtraining might be thought to affect only you only physically, but it is actually a condition that will also affect your mental state. In addition to sore muscles that might occur, and fatigue, overtraining can also cause depression and lessen your interest and enthusiasm in your sport, which could influence your performance.


All of the above can ruin your chances of success for your upcoming event, but you can minimize these risks not only by training sensibly, but also by including regular massage as part of your game plan while you’re training.


Why Pre-Event Massage Is Important


Receiving regular remedial massage while you’re in training is important for a number of reasons, all of which will contribute to a greater chance of success during the upcoming event:


  • Increased blood flow from remedial massage helps muscles, ligaments, and tendons recover from training more rapidly than they would otherwise. The increased blood flow also serves to nourish these tissues to make them stronger.
  • Tight, painful muscles are relaxed by a remedial massage, and any knots and trigger points will be worked out. Massage also helps to stretch your muscles out so that your warmup session will go more smoothly.
  • The mental and physical relaxation caused by a remedial massage will help prevent training burnout. Being prepared mentally for a match or meet is just as important as being prepared physically.
  • Remedial massage helps to increase the flexibility of your joints, making it less likely that you will sustain an injury during training, or during the event.


During your training time before an event, you will likely take advantage of a remedial massage, as these provide definite benefits to those in training, including accelerating recovery from muscle strain and fatigue. That being said, however, you should not have a deep massage too soon before as this can impact on your performance.


To prevent this from happening it is recommended you have a light massage right before the event. This will still provide increased circulation, joint flexibility, and mental relaxation without negatively affecting your performance.

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