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Benefits of Self-Massage

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Benefits of Self-Massage Between Regular Massage Treatments


If you’ve been using regular massage for your physical and mental wellbeing, you may worry that you may ‘backslide’ in between treatments. This is a very valid worry, because no one wants to lose the progress they have made so far. Fortunately, it’s possible to provide self-massage between the times of your regularly scheduled appointments.


Keeping up the Good Work


While self-massage is not an absolute substitute for a massage delivered by a trained professional, it can help to assist you further until you see your massage therapist again. Self-massage can be used not only to keep your muscles supple & pliable; also can assist in relieving aches as well as pains from sport & prolong working schedule.


There are plenty of techniques that you can use to self-massage, and the first thing to do is to decide exactly what areas you wish to concentrate on. You may want to use self-massage to reduce stress, or to help relieve pain from a trigger point. Sore back muscles or leg cramps can also respond well to home treatment until you get back to your massage therapist.


Warm wheat bags are a good way to keep muscles relaxed & supple. Warm compresses can be used both before and after your self-massage. Self-massage is most beneficial after a long working day, can also be utilized before & after a fitness routine.




Fortunately, there is equipment available that can make self-massage both easy and fun. You can collect all or just a few of the items for your home massage treatments. All of the below will not only help you to keep your muscles supple & pliable until your next massage appointment, they will also help to relieve stress & tension.


  • Foam rollers are among the most versatile for self-massage and can be used on almost every part of the body. You will be able to massage even hard to reach places like your upper and lower back with a foam roller. Foam rollers actually provide a deep tissue massage when you need it. A yoga mat will provide the perfect place for you to use your foam roller.
  • Spiky balls provide excellent ‘spot treatment’ for problem areas. If you have a knotted muscle in your back or shoulder, a spiky ball gets right to the area to help open up the circulation to promote healing. Trigger points and tight muscles respond well to a spiky ball, and you can use them while standing up, sitting, or lying down. Spiky balls are also perfect for use with the feet.
  • Chi balls differ from spiky balls in that they are softer and smoother. Chi balls are beneficial for increasing mobility & flexibility especially for the back region. You can also utilize your chi ball on your arms, your legs, glutes anywhere there is tension, tightness, or soreness.


Maintaining the progress you have made with your massage therapist is important, and self-massage at home is the perfect way to do so. Ask your therapist for suggestions as to which home massage equipment will be best for you, and how to use it effectively.


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