Breathwork Services

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an alternative therapy that involves Conscious Connected Breathing for various purposes, such as relaxation, stress reduction, and personal growth. The practice draws inspiration from various spiritual and therapeutic traditions, including yoga meditation and psychotherapy. In Breathwork, you learn to focus on your breath and use specific breathing techniques to achieve desired outcomes.

What are the benefits of Breathwork? Engaging in a series of Breathwork sessions can provide various benefits, such as:

One on One Private Breathwork session

Experience a truly personalized Breathwork session with Karen as she guides you on an inner journey, lasting 3 hours. The extended duration allows plenty of time for self-exploration and self healing. Through an initial discussion as well as filling out a comprehensive form, she will gain a deep understanding of what you wish to work on, whether it’s stress management, emotional healing, or personal growth. Your intention will shape the direction of the session, allowing Karen to provide you with the best support possible.

With gentle guidance from Karen, you’ll embark on the Conscious Connected Breathing technique. The breathing process lasts for a full hour. This involves a continuous inhale and exhale through the mouth while comfortably lying down. The addition of soft music enhances the transformative ambiance, creating a truly immersive experience.

After the breathing process, Karen will assist you in integrating your experience, ensuring that you take away exactly what you need.


How many Breathwork sessions do I need?

To fully experience the deeper aspects of healing and release in Breathwork, it is recommended that new participants commit to a series of sessions to ensure continuity and maximise the benefits of this practice. By committing to multiple sessions, you give yourself the opportunity to fully explore and integrate the transformative power of Breathwork into your life.

Warm water Breathwork Session

Warm water Breathwork is a powerful therapy centered around releasing your birth trauma by creating a soothing nurturing environment that mimics the experience of being in the womb. The warm water helps to relax your body, creating a sense of safety, allowing for a deeper release of emotions and a more profound healing experience.

During a warm water Breathwork session, you are gently guided and supported in a heated spa while laying face down using a snorkle to breath. Alternatively you can lay face up to breath as some individuals have fears around laying face down in water. The water temperature is set around 37C. These sessions typically last for 3 hour’s with soft music played in the background, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Conscious Connected Breathing techniques are used to facilitate the release of primal memories and emotions surrounding your birth. 

When the session is complete, you will have time for integration and reflection. Allowing yourself to slowly transition back to your regular state of consciousness, giving the opportunity to process the experience and integrate any insights or realizations that may have occurred during the session.



3 HOUR Breathwork Session


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