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Why its Best to Have a Massage on Recovery Days

Why It’s Best to Have a Massage on Recovery Days   Whether you are an athlete or simply someone who is interested in staying fit, it’s no secret that engaging in exercise or athletic events can leave you feeling sore – sometimes very sore. Many people who begin to exercise after a long sedentary life […]

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What Is Trigger Point Therapy

What Is Trigger Point Therapy? Trigger Points are painful spots within muscular tissue existing as knotted muscular tissue  they produce pain completely out of proportion to their actual size, e Trigger points will often radiate pain out from their point of origin to cause discomfort at a spot separated from the actual trigger point. Trigger […]

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What Are Trigger Points and How Are They Effectively Treated?

Exercising too hard, working too long as a rigorous job, or even motor vehicle accidents can produce trigger points in muscles. Trigger points are small, but extremely painful knots that form in muscle fibers which have been stressed in some way, although in the case of an injury to the muscle the trigger point may […]

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