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Benefits of Post-Event Massage For Athletes

Benefits of Post-Event Massage for Athletes   Hopefully, your event or match has gone as you had hoped, and you are a tired, somewhat sore, but happy athlete. Athletic competitions are extremely demanding, and call for every bit of physical and mental reserve available. Whether the event has gone in your favor or not, you […]

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Benefits of Pre-Event Massage for Athletes

Benefits of Pre-Event Massage for Athletes   Getting ready for high performance in any athletic event requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Hours of training generally go into preparing your body for the event. However, muscle strain, sprains, and mental and physical fatigue could seriously impact on how successful you’ll be in the […]

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How Remedial Massage and Physiotherapy Complement One Another

How Remedial Massage and Physiotherapy Complement One Another   Recovery from injuries, especially those related to sports, can be a long and painful process. Some injuries can take weeks, or even months to heal up completely. Anyone who is anxious to not only recover quickly, but also get back to the activities they once enjoyed, […]

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Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits Similar, but more comprehensive than a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage allows the massage therapist to reach more completely into the muscles and connective tissues to provide relief from chronic conditions. Deep tissue massage may cause some discomfort if the muscle have been stressed or strained through over training or long […]

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Massage and Sports Injuries

Massage and Sports Injuries Every single sport, from football to golf as well as swimming, carries with it the potential for injury. Any time you move your body, especially in a way that is somewhat challenging, you increase the possibility that a tendon, muscle, ligament, or joint will be injured or strained. Pain and injury […]

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